AWS lambda for .NET C# developers

Hello and welcome to this course. This course is about AWS Lambda function in C#. So now, for sure, you are wondering what Lambda Functions is and how you can use them. Let me please explain.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the leading cloud provider in the world. It offers more services than any other competitors do and many of these services are connected and easy to use. As the rise of the serverless architecture, the Lambda Functions provide a good point to create a service that can be called and run when needed and execute a certain command. Instead of having to allocate servers for a certain events, Lambda can handle multiple request upon a certain limit instead of adding servers to it.

Lambda functions are easy to create via Visual Studio. Moreover, the people in AWS have a good support for it. You will find it easy to create a certain lambda project and uploading it to the cloud. Also, you only pay for what you use not for hosting. So if you use your function for 200 millisecond (That’s right pricing is per millisecond so cheap!) you will only pay for this amount of time no more.

Lambda function can be exposed from inside AWS different services such as S3, DynamoDB. In addition, you can connect to it via any .NET application (Console, ASP.NET, etc.). Integration is easy and you will need only to provide your API keys and set the region. You are all set to go to connect to your function and do whatever operation needed for it.

Using C#, you will find it much easier to handle AWS Lambda Functions instead of trying to achieve the same result using other languages. And the NuGet packages for AWS SDK will expose many of the needed functionality for your Lambda Function.

This course will cover all the needed steps for you, starting from creating the project until unit testing. We will walk you through the needed steps to make sure that you can create a successful AWS Lambda Function in C#.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to this course

    What you will learn in this course

  • AWS Lambda Projects

    Creating AWS Lambda Projects in Visual Studio

  • AWS Lambda Function Handler

    Learn about the entry point for your AWS Lambda Functions

  • AWS Lambda Context and Logging

    Learn about the context object and what data it contains. Where and how to read write logs

  • Error Handling

    Learn how to handle and create custom errors

  • Connecting to AWS Lambda

    How to connect to AWS Lambda from different platforms

  • Working with DynamoDB

    Learn how to write data to Amazon DynamoDB

  • Triggers with Lambda Functions

    Learn how to handle Triggers for S3 and DynamoDB

  • Unit Testing

    How to unit test your lambda functions


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