Windows IoT Development

Windows IoT Development

**Note: Course in Beta Release, more lectures are being added and this is not the final release**
Hello and Welcome, this course is aimed to give you the basics you need to start working with windows IoT. Windows IoT was newly released by Microsoft which aimed to give you the ability to target and provide applications for your mini pc such as Raspberry Pi. Windows IoT supports the UWP (Universal Windows Platform, code once target many platforms) so you can have the ability to create apps that has the ability to run on different type of devices no problem what so ever. Also, this way you can save a lot of time since you code only once and target multi platforms.
IoT recently been a big thing, having the ability to use cheap devices that is connected to the internet and being able to send and receive data. Since the raspberry pi and similar devices cost does not cross a 50 or even 100 USD they are a great choice to develop IoT projects and will provide enough flexibility and support so you can develop your project without any limitation.

Windows IoT can make things a lot easier for .NET developer who aims to develop IoT projects. You can develop your project in C# and have it running on multi platforms. Windows IoT can be a great alternative instead of using the Linux operating system and trying to learn Python or other similar languages to develop IoT Projects.

Now, of course you will be wondering is it worth it to take this course? According to Forbes (Source: Roundup Of Internet Of Things Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2016), the size of the IoT market will be 3.7 Billion Dollar. This number isn’t small at all. And the field is relatively new and there are hardly a strong competition or a market leader. So you have a huge chance to rise quickly in this field.
In this course:
You will be able to install and control Windows IoT
You will learn how to develop IoT Applications
See some advanced commands that you can use in Windows IoT
How to connect to sensors and modules to read values
So, what you are waiting for? Join us now and learn Windows IoT and start your IoT Project.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction Section

    Introduction Section

  • Basic Setup
  • Window IoT Tour
  • Project Setup
  • Universal Projects
  • XAML Controls
  • Communication With API
  • Background IoT
  • Sensors & Modules
  • Extending Windows IoT


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